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About Me

 Carolyn Bennett

After attending a yoga classes for 10+ years I then discovered Dru Yoga, I was hooked!!

When the opportunity came to train as a Dru yoga teacher it was an opportunity too good to miss even though it was taking me totally out of my comfort zone to stand in front of a class of students, but my passion for wanting to share this beautiful style of yoga overcame my fears.

I qualified in December 2016, although I started teaching in January 2016, after passing my interim assessment, this is encouraged to gain experience, seeing the benefits that it brings to students is the best feeling, I have become friends with and met so many lovely people since my journey started with Dru that I feel totally blessed.

 In 2017 I wanted to take my practice further and have successfully completed the Dru Advanced Practitioner Diploma and also the Back Care Foundation Course in 2018.  I hope both of these courses will enable me to advance with my own practice but also bring further benefits to my teaching. 

After experiencing a severe back problem which resulted in having to have an operation on my lower back I have learned first hand of the importance of keeping a healthy spine, how it can effect all aspects of your life, physically and emotionally, I now use yoga as the main tool to keep my back flexible and supple.