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Dru Yoga


What is Dru Yoga?

Dru yoga is a graceful flowing form of yoga, originating from Hatha yoga  improving strength and flexibility, creating core stability, a feeling of positivity, deeply relaxing and helps to rejuvenate your whole being.

By learning to be in a relaxed and mindful state you find you can move much further and more freely as well as creating a feeling of being calmer, relaxed and happy.

By teaching in simple stages, using modifications where needed, each student can achieve a full and enjoyable experience which is right for their body.

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What is the format of a Dru yoga class?

Dru yoga works with the energy within our body to access every level of our being, keeping joints relaxed and soft during movement this creates flexibility and a free flow of subtle energy.


Classes start with gentle warm up movements so our bodies and muscles are ready for the class ahead.


Unique to Dru Yoga, these are easy to practice flowing movements of stretching, twisting, forwards and backwards bends that help to work every part of our body.


Each posture or sequence have specific benefits for your body and mind, eg working towards a healthy spine, vitality.


Relaxation is a natural conclusion to your yoga practice to allow any energy that has been activated to settle, bringing your body back into balance.


I have noticed a marked improvement on both my sense of well being and the back pain I have experienced over several years, this has resulted in a 80% reduction of the daily pain relief I was taking.  I love Carolyn's gentle style and she is always careful to ensure and remind us not to push ourselves further than our bodies allow. L.

Really enjoying the classes for back care, my range of movement has improved, as you build up the exercise slowly I was able to feel the stiffness in my lower back and shoulders begin to give.  S.